10 Oversized Scarves to Get Wrapped Up in This Winter

We’re not going to lie. The upcoming months are the most tempting times to just stay in bed. Especially with the chilly weather (hygge, here we come). But there’s one accessory that’ll make getting up and heading outdoors a cozier affair. We’re talking about oversized winter scarves, of course.

Big scarves are the perfect bundle-up accessories of the upcoming season. That’s because they’ll keep you snug and protect you from the cold. Find one that looks great paired with your winter coat and wear it everywhere. Bonus: They make the ideal wrap for a chilly office or even an airplane.

Whether you favor bold patterns or fringe accents, you’re in luck. There really are lots of larger-than-life options out there. And, thankfully, at all price points. Because not every scarf goes with every coat. So you may need to buy a few.

With scarves this big and bold, you may want to sport them over your coat of choice. After all, what’s the point of buying a statement scarf if it remains hidden?

Read on for our favorite oversized winter scarves to wear everywhere from now into March.

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