Slit-Hem Pants Are This Season’s Most Unexpected Silhouette

Now that you’re all stocked up on seasonal footwear, you’ll definitely want to show off your spoils. But that can be hard to do when the hems of your pants obscure your latest acquisitions. The solution? Slit-hem pants.

Whether the slits are in the front or on the sides, barely there or halfway up the leg, the effect is still the same. Your fresh kicks get the spotlight they deserve. Brands like Ganni, a noted purveyor of all fashion trends, Zara and The Frankie Shop are hitching their retail wagons to the style. And labels like Nanushka and Zeus+Dione have already put out high-end versions for us to lust after.

Slit-hem pants actually work well in spring and even into summer. So you’re going to want to jump on this trend. From jeans to work-appropriate trousers, here are 14 slit-hem bottoms to grab before they’re gone.