Chic Corduroy Pieces You Can Wear All Winter Long

Corduroy hasn’t always been known as particularly “cool” when it comes to fashion. But the last few seasons that’s definitely all changed. While it used to call to mind bell-bottom-clad stoners or bearded professors in elbow-patch blazers, the favorite fabrication of the 70s is now a style must-have.

Current interpretations of corduroy are sleek and yes, we’re saying it, truly chic. The updated versions out now are less frumpy bringing corduroy into the modern era. The pieces available somehow feel distinctly more sophisticated than their predecessors. We’re talking structured suits, shirts and dresses with voluminous sleeves and statement prints galore. And while the offerings in earthy tones like camel, dark green and rust are still abundant, we’re also seeing all sorts of unexpected hues. Think pink, purple and fuchsia. What’s old is clearly new again. But don’t worry, this touchable fabric is as soft as it ever was. It just comes with a bit more style cred.

No matter how you choose to embrace the corduroy trend, with the myriad of options out now, there’s a way to make it your own. Ahead, the top picks we can’t wait to get our hands on. Feel free to buy and wear more than one item at a time.