This Instagram Jewelry Trend Is Glam, Not Gaudy

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When we talk trends, we usually focus on what’s happening on the runways or out on the streets. From tie-dye to neon, these trends often prove tricky to pull off IRL. But Instagram has emerged as a source of inspo for trends that are much more doable for us common folk.

Take the latest trend to pop up on people’s feeds: chain-link jewelry. Yup, that old 80s staple is once again popular. You can relax, though. The 2018 incarnations aren’t nearly as gaudy. You’ll find linked chains in every modern-day form, from drop earrings to chokers. And whether you favor gold or silver, there’s a chain-link piece available.

It seems like retailers were also scrolling through Instagram because brands like Zara, Topshop and even big fashion houses including Rachel Comey, Chloe and Saint Laurent are offering up chain-link baubles. ‘Tis the season to shine, so here are pieces of chain-link jewelry to bring a little bling to your wardrobe.

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