Colorful Silk Scarves Are the Iconic Way to Glam Up Your Look This Spring

A silk scarf used as decoration on the streets.

Who needs scrunchies?; Image: Imaxtree

When we mention scarves this time of year, your mind immediately jumps to those blanket-like creations that were popular during the recent hygge craze. And still are. But this spring, it’s the silk variety proving popular. We saw many of the street style faithful sporting colorful silk scarves as hair accessories. Plus, they were favored on multiple Spring 2022 runways.

Silk scarves are frequently all about patterns and bright colors. You may think the season mandates pastel hues. But we’re not limiting ourselves to any expected palette. So we’re embracing primary colors not often associated with the period between April and June. We’re also favoring unconventional prints. Sure, there are beautiful floral arrangements out there, but feel free to go a much more abstract route.

The great thing about silk scarves is their versatility. You can use them as hair accessories, as wraps for the straps of your favorite bag, as neck accents or as belts. Sometimes even as halter tops or sarongs.

Scroll down to see the most stylish colorful silk scarves currently on the market. Invest in a bold designer take. Or snatch up several fast-fashion versions. Totally your call.

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