50 Under-$100 It-Pieces to Add to Your Fall/Winter Shopping List

At least on the East Coast, it’s peak fall. Everything’s pumpkin flavored, the air’s blessedly humidity-free and each morning we wake up energized by the prospect of getting dressed — layering! Plus, all of our usual cold(ish)-weather regalia is still unfamiliar enough that we can almost pretend it’s new.

Of course, dressing is even more fun when your stuff actually is new, and what better excuse to update one’s wardrobe than a change in seasons? We’re not talking break-the-bank type splurging — just harmlessly, frivolously dipping your toes in the latest trends by way of trusty bargain sites like Zara, Mango, ASOS and so on.

To make things even simpler, we rounded up 50 (under-$100!) hot-ticket cold-weather items you need in your life. In the practical column are outdoorsy boots, plaid coats and blanket scarves that’ll keep you warm and relatively comfortable in the crazy winter world we now live in. As for the fun stuff, you’ve got of-the-moment zebra-print flats, lace evening gloves that serve no purpose besides looking cute, a fuzzy fuchsia Kangol hat and even some ginormous hairclips for those who’ve thought about re-watching “Passport to Paris” for style tips. Enjoy.

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