3 Instagram Accounts Changing the Plus-Size Narrative

This February, London Fashion Week saw a march led by plus-size activists and models who protested the lack of representation on runways. Plus-size icons like Megan Crabbe, Sonny Turner, Callie Thorpe and Coco Brown took to the streets in lingerie and swimsuits, carrying signs with statements like, “Curves shouldn’t mean compromise.”

In the middle of the runway representation debate, putting curvy, plus-size women in shows seems like the best way to prove you are an ally to the body-positive movement. But high fashion has yet to look at women of sizes 12 and up as having equal footing on the runway. While plus-size model representation was at an all-time high this past season—54 plus-size women walked the runways—that number still only represents .73 percent of all castings.

Despite all this, the plus-size narrative is quickly changing. And what happens on the runways isn’t the start of this revolution — the body-positive movement started on the other side of magazines and screens, with real women. Here, three of those real women show us how the narrative on body size is moving in the right direction via their Instagram accounts.

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A lot of you have been asking for my opinion on the Netflix show Insatiable, so brace yourselves: · We do not need anymore weight loss fairytales where the sad fat girl transforms into an entirely new person and lives her wildest fantasies. We do not need to give girls anymore of an idea that their summers should be spent shrinking themselves for the big reveal when they go back to school – trust me, they already know that narrative loud and clear. When I give talks in schools and ask how many of them are planning on dieting over the summer so that they can come back as a new version of themselves, whole rooms raise their hands. · We do not need anymore thin actors in fatsuits, ever. Putting thin actors in fatsuits as comedic props is fatphobic, always has been fatphobic, and always will be fatphobic. End of story. · We don't need anymore messages that real life only starts in the 'after' picture or that extreme starvation is worth it for the end result. We certainly don't need thousands of young people googling whether they can have their jaw wired shut, which no doubt will happen after this show comes out. · And tbh, we don't need any more lazy, unoriginal, tired tv plotlines where fat people are only allowed to be one-dimensional stereotypes until they get smaller and are suddenly whole human beings worthy of praise, sexual attention, success or 'revenge'. · Give us more shows about fat girls who stay fat and are shown in all their multi-dimensional glory. Give us fat girls getting revenge. Give us fat girls falling in love. Give us fat girls whose storylines have nothing to do with them being fat. And if we could get more fat characters who also aren't young, white, able-bodied, cisgender, hetero and conventionally attractive anyway, that'd be fucking fantastic. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 P.s. @florencegiven started a petition for the show to be cancelled the link is in her bio. If it goes ahead, the best thing we can all do is not give it the views it'll need for a second season. 🌸 · [Description: Megan is sat on a wooden bench with a garden behind her and a blue sky. She's wearing a purple bikini with orange ruffles and smiling up at the sun with closed eyes]

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