22 Fashionable Ways to Wear Pastels in Fall

Every season has its colors. For example, pastels are typically associated with spring. While jewel tones and pumpkin spice shades are frequently linked to fall. It’s nice to mark the changing seasons by embracing a new color palette. But it’s even more fun to shake things up once in a while.

Wearing pastels in fall is not only unexpected, it’s a great way to embrace trans-seasonal dressing. Designers get that we don’t want to be limited to one color theme per season. Which is why they’re offering autumnal pieces in macaron-inspired colors along with traditional shades. Just make sure to choose heavier fabrics so the pastel colors look intentional and can be worn well into the winter months. After all, the mix of summer’s sugary sweet shades with autumn’s rich hues and textures adds an interesting twist to any look.

The key is to not end up with a disjointed ensemble. Or give off the impression you’re dressing for the wrong season. (We may want it to still be summer, but we shouldn’t be dressing like it is.)

Unsure how to strike the right balance? Read on for some fall-appropriate pastel looks worn by some of our favorite street style stars.

Images: Imaxtree