22 Ways to Make Your Miniskirt Look Fresh All Season Long

Images: Imaxtree

If you aren’t daring enough to rock a miniskirt in January (along with some thermal tights and clever weather styling hacks), it’s probably about now that you’re looking to hang up your jeans and wool trousers and put on something lighter. After all, the warmer weather calls for shorter hemlines. And that’s where the miniskirt comes in.

Wearing a mini after months of being stuck in pants and indoors is definitely freeing, but it can sometimes make us lazy. Now that we no longer have to layer, our dressing can become rather formulaic. It can be easy to fall into the habit of pairing a miniskirt with a T-shirt or tank top and calling it a day. Done often enough, it can start to feel like we’re wearing a uniform, albeit a rather stylish one.

So why buy new skirts only to fall into the same styling habits? (Even when there are so many stellar options to add to our closets.) Well, that’s where we come in. We compiled 22 street style-approved miniskirt outfit ideas to keep your minis, both old and new, looking fresh all spring and summer.

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