21 Graphic Tees That Add Edge to Any Outfit

What does your shirt say about you? Last year, Opening Ceremony released The Most Powerful Tee, a plain white cotton tee featuring an empty box in the middle. The brand saw the shirt as an avenue to express what the wearer believes in or feels.

Per The Cut: “T-shirts are a blank canvas in a culture where we try to communicate huge, complex personal beliefs via carefully-curated images, viral hashtags, and 140 (sometimes 280) characters. In fashion, the T-shirt has also become an integral part of the current athleisure movement, replacing button-ups as we trade suits for more casual uniform.” (We’d add that the logomania renaissance has certainly helped the graphic tee’s cause.)

Graphic tees are designed to make a statement that gives a hint about our mood, beliefs and interests. Sometimes statement tees can seem so ubiquitous that they become a little off-putting, demonstrated by the running joke about how Forever 21 ruins clothes with OTT quotes. Well, we rounded up graphic and statement tees with meaningful quotes and artsy images that won’t dull your style.

Click through the slideshow above for 21 cool graphic tees that tell the world how you really feel. Mark our words, they’ll be all over #influencer Instagrams this season.

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