Keep It Simple: 20 Minimalist Instagrammers Who Will Inspire Your Style

The idea of minimalism has existed through various forms of art since the 1950s. Early artists like painter Mark Rothko and musician Philip Glass composed masterful works that were simplistic and elemental. Visually, minimalism may consist of very little ornamentation and color — that’s totally up to you. It is far from mundane and boring, however!

Today, this concept has evolved into a lifestyle movement that rejects the notion of trends and mass consumerism. Minimalist bloggers often offer advice on how to cull your closet and rid yourself of excess items. Amassing a timeless collection of very few items that are highly versatile and well-designed is one of minimalism’s main fashion goals. If you think you could easily adapt to this lifestyle, here are a few of Instagram’s best minimalist pioneers — all of whom exhibit sheer style!

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