20 (Stylish) Reasons to Revisit the Trench Coat This Fall

There was a time when Burberry trench coats pretty much cornered the upscale market as the ultimate toppers for crisp fall weather. This fall, the trench coat is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. But it won’t go out of style once spring arrives. See the Spring 2022 collections from Copenhagen. So you can rock your trench of choice well into next year.

Because we like it when brands keep us on our toes, we’re not only championing the conventional cotton or nylon neutral trench. We’re also refusing to let the piece simply rest on its laurels (and plackets and buttons). We’re looking for interesting details, like double collars, PVC accents and contrasting belts.

That’s not all. We’re also loving unconventional takes. Think cropped silhouettes and poncho versions.

There are plenty of reasons to get wrapped up in a chic trench coat this fall. Scroll down for our best picks of the season for every budget.