Watch: 5 Ways to Wrap a Wrap, Fall’s Must-Have Accessory

We pride ourselves on our ability to look stylishly put-together and remain cozy while doing so. Enter the wrap, the accessory that keeps on giving, the purchase with infinite purpose.

During the summer, silkier iterations amp up our shoreside ensembles and fend off any wayward post-sunset chills. As the weather cools, our airy throws morph into woolly cocoons, to be layered over sweaters or jackets and complemented by either straight-leg denim or trousers. (With shape-shifting toppers, you want a leg-hugging bottom, and be sure to stay away from thigh-length skirts that’ll be dwarfed by your drape. Go midi or go home.) At the height of winter, wraps basically double as blankets, and who can argue with that? Year-round, they’re also the ultimate travel companions — pair with a head pillow for luxurious, (semi-)chic airplane rides.

Given that we’re now entering that magical, fleeting season when shawls can even be used as chic substitutes for outerwear, we figured it was high time for a wrap-centric tutorial. Grab your cashmere pashminas, your oversized tapestry scarves, your fringed crochet-knit cloaks and your favorite brooch or skinny belt and prepare to master the basic shoulder wrap, the laid-back and one-shoulder drapes, the belted look and the off-the-shoulder-cocoon. It’s all laid out for you in the video above.

…And that, as they say, is a wrap.