Charms, Straps and Accessories That’ll Make Your Bag More You

Looking to jazz up your handbag selection for fall, but don’t want to eradicate your bank account by ponying up designer prices for the latest satchels, totes and the like? Well, you’re in luck because the same designers behind those covetable carryalls also offer a wealth of accessories to liven up even the most basic of bags. Take Fendi, for example, as the fashion house absolutely loves to accessorize. Its now infamous Bag Bugs and Karlito charms are often found hanging off the bags of some of the top celebs (Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, you get the idea).

And while a few of these add-ons may seem expensive, they’re practically a bargain considering what a brand new bag from these brands would set you back. Perhaps incorporating these additions will lead those around you to surmise you’re rocking an It designer bag, but it’s way better than succumbing to the dark side and forking over for a fake. From guitar straps too exquisite to only sport when you’re strumming a tune to going truly meta by adding a bag charm to your bag and even a funky little green key chain that provides a body-positive surprise whenever you need a quick pick-me-up, here are our favorite bag charms and accessories of the moment.