Watch: 10 Super Easy (and Cool) Ways to Tie a Scarf

10 Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf: Video

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We know how it goes. Our winter coats are long overdue for retirement, but there’s still that stubborn nip in the air making our spring denim a tad too flimsy. The sartorial solution? A light, patterned scarf that shields your neck and livens up your ‘fit without drowning it in fabric.

While chunky Ashley Olsen-esque knits are best just thrown over the shoulder, these accoutrements require a bit more finessing. But not all of us have truly mastered how to tie a scarf. Hold in those frustrated sighs — we’re not talking high art here. To make the process painless, we’ve created two video tutorials detailing 10 ways to tie a scarf, because where wordy how-tos often leave us snarled up in knots, visual documentation rarely does.

5 Ways to Tie an Oblong Scarf


Got your oblong scarf ready? Good. Press that play button and get ready to master the perpetually fashionable infinity loop, followed by tight, braided perfection, then a chic French knot and afterward a totally effortless, casual double knot. For the grand finale, you’ll also require a belt — Olivia Palermo’s oft seen cinched loose scarf look is a multi-accessory deal.

5 Ways to Tie a Square Scarf


Now, grab yourself a square scarf — let’s pretend it’s Hermes — and prepare for some folding action. First up is a necktie tutorial that’ll leave you looking cute as a kitten. Then, learn how to twist the thing into a French knot Nicole Richie would envy. Following that is a guide to the currently trending (and with good reason) choker scarf. Next comes a double knot look that’s a bit less stifling than the choker. Rounding out the set is a classic cowgirl knot that screams Annie Oakley and female empowerment. Giddyap.