Plus-Size Fashion Tips That Will Change Your Life from Christian Siriano and Nicolette Mason

In honor of my new collection for Lane Bryant (which is set to launch this spring!), I caught up with style guru and dear friend Nicolette Mason to get her top five style tips for plus-size dressing. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Forget the rules.

So many fashion rules have been designed to make people feel bad about themselves. No horizontal stripes or white pants?! Please! If it makes you feel great, WEAR IT — and wear it with confidence.

2. Pick a style icon.

If they happen to be plus-size, great! But your icon can be a person of any size whose style you want to use as a guide or path in defining your own personal style!

3. Check out personal style blogs.

The plus-size community is a vibrant space full of amazing style inspiration and resources. I love following @gabifresh, @andigetdressed and @pinklip.

4. Try. Everything. On.

If something appeals to you on the hanger or on a model and you think, “but I couldn’t wear it” — just try. You may be surprised by what actually looks fantastic on you.

5. Document your personal style.

Putting effort into your look and getting excited about your clothes might have a pretty amazing impact on your personal style and self-esteem. Take pictures of yourself and share the outfits you’re most excited about.

Nicolette Mason's wedding dress designed by Christian Siriano

Nicolette Mason’s wedding dress designed by Christian Siriano; Image: Courtesy of CLEAN PLATE PICTURES

I had the pleasure of creating Nicolette’s wedding gown for her special day and it was a dream. I loved creating something so beautiful for a woman who loves fashion, style and takes risks when it comes to what she wears! 

Along with Nicolette, I also follow Ashley Graham and Candice Huffine, who I believe are changing the game for plus-size fashion. I like to see what these cool, young girls are wearing and how they are inspiring others to take risks with what they wear and own their bodies! I think it’s great!