6 Ruthless Ways to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Photo: E!

Photo: E!

Winter is well and truly over, and it’s time to make room for all the new threads you’re about to buy over the warmer months. If you’re as excited as we are, chances are you’ve already gone ahead and embarked on that mission, so there’s no better time to get ruthless with your wardrobe. Out with the old, in with the new, right?

We enlisted the help of womenswear stylist Kate Holroyd to show us how this tough-love cleaning thing is done so we can get well and truly inspired for our new-season wardrobes. 

Hold on to your staples

Whether it’s an oversized white or striped T-shirt, your perfectly fitting jeans or a leather jacket, you’ll want to keep these around. “These pieces always come in handy during trans-seasonal periods and will always leave you looking chic and stylish,” Kate said.

Refrain from hoarding

We know that The Little Mermaid glorified hoarding and inevitably impacted our ability to throw out treasures ever since, but you’ve got to be brutal and say goodbye. Kate suggests giving yourself a cut-off point after a year and “if you haven’t worn it, get rid of it”. Don’t keep things around just in case you lose a few pounds or have a dress-up party it would be perfect for. If you were going to wear it again, you would’ve by now.

Get organised

How are you going to wear pieces if they are hiding on a double-hung hanger? Having order to your wardrobe is key, so be sure to store anything that’s not relevant for this season, but could be great for the next, away and put out the weather-appropriate goodies to the front. “I find I get more inspired with my outfits when everything is visible and on hand to mix and match,” Kate explained.

Find the gaps

When your wardrobe is spic and span, you’ll be able to discover what’s missing. Is it prints? Colour? An essential denim jacket? You’re about to find out and be fully prepared for the season ahead.

Be thoughtful

Now that you’ve decluttered, it’s so important that you do the right things with your clothes. Some of these garments were a big part of your life, after all, so don’t just chuck them in the bin. Besides the fact that tons (literally) of clothes contribute to landfill each year, there are people who are in need of threads just to get by or just missed out on the sold-out style that you happen to own.

Divide your clothes into piles of what you want to pass onto charity and what you want to on-sell to others at the market or on eBay. There’s something extra special about turning your trash into treasures for others.


You’ve done the hard yards, so now you can sit back, relax and get all inspired for what you’re going to wear and who you’re going to be for the season ahead. Oh, and give yourself a little pat on the back, because saying goodbye to clothes is never easy.