17 Times Sara Donaldson Nailed Contemporary Minimalism

It’s undeniable that the minimal look is totally on-trend right now, with so much of the fashion world championing timeless clothing staples with a neutral colour palette.

Based upon the principle of sticking to classic and simplistic pieces, you really can’t go wrong rocking a minimalist style. It’s no wonder that the look has been adopted by sartorial enthusiasts and fashion novices alike.

When it comes to the top fashion pioneers of minimalism, Harper & Harley’s Sara Donaldson certainly springs to mind. Thanks to Sara’s black, white and grey philosophy and her enviable collection of key wardrobe basics, she never fails to achieve an effortless and immaculate look, which has in turn solidified her status as a contemporary fashion icon.

The fashion blogger proves that it’s wise to invest in classic clothing essentials for both your wallet and your style. These pieces are not only versatile but will also stand the test of time.

As if you needed any more convincing, we’ve selected our favourites from Sara’s infinite catalogue of minimal looks from this year as inspiration on how to master this clean look.