15 Essentials to Pack in Your Bridesmaid Survival Kit

bridesmaids toasting

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Wedding season is upon us, meaning endless weekends away, champagne toasts and fighting over who gets the bouquet. If you’re lucky enough to be a bridesmaid at one or more of these weddings, consider it good fortune — and then consider what you’ll need to get through the next 24 hours of nonstop pictures, processionals and partying. Like Mary Poppins, the best bridesmaids come prepared for anything while still letting the bride steal the show.

Tote Bag

First and foremost, any organized bridesmaid needs a powerhouse carryall to make sure her bag of tricks isn’t making it, well, tricky to find things. Find one with plenty of pockets, dividers and compartments.

A Scarf or Pashmina

Even if your friend is getting married in the dead of summer, it can still get chilly in the limo or reception hall. Be sure to pack a lightweight version that can be easily stashed in the smallest of clutches.

Mini Sewing Kit

Remember all of the times you never needed those tiny hotel sewing kits? Now is not one of those times. Stockpile a kit with a needle, thread, buttons, tiny scissors and safety pins to MacGyver your way from ceremony to reception.

Fashion Tape

You will probably need to tape all sorts of things up, in or down. Trust us on this one.

Gel Insoles, Friction Stick, Bandages

No matter how comfortable the bride insists your heels are, you will need help from all fronts in the form of cushioning gel inserts, anti-friction cream and Band-Aids, should the worst happen. If you know you’re prone to chafed heels, do some due diligence and bandage up before you hit the dance floor. Believe us, no one wants to see your bare feet.


Not just for the morning after. Painkillers can help with uncomfortable dresses (and especially footwear), not to mention the tension headache you’re getting from dealing with the bride’s in-laws. Just make sure to eat something first, so you don’t get a stomachache.

Snacks and Water

Since you’ll likely be running around all day and well into the evening without a break, it’s essential to pack good snacks. A few granola bars, apples and celery with peanut butter are all healthy ways to keep your energy levels high. And make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day — bonus points if you use straws to keep your lipstick picture perfect.


But make sure to pack mini bottles of champagne, too. It is a celebration, after all!

Blotters, Tissues

You want the bride to glow on her wedding day, not shine, so make sure to carry some blotting papers to get extra glisten off without smudging her makeup.

Travel Makeup

Also carry travel-size items of lipstick, mascara and eyeliner for necessary touch-ups. And of course, a travel-size pack of tissues for when things get emotional. Bonus points for waterproof makeup.

Stay Polished

It’s good to carry around the colors of your mani/pedi for last-minute touch-ups and a clear coat to stop any hosiery runs you may have.

Stay Dry

Did we mention how much we love dry shampoo? A good spritz will help refresh tired blowouts and hide any sweat from an afternoon of pictures out in the hot sun.


It’s supposedly good luck if it rains on your wedding day, so may as well be prepared with a small umbrella.


Even the most comfortable heels aren’t comfortable all day, so when you need to kick your feet up, make sure you have something a little more sophisticated than just flip flops.

Pajama Game

After spending the day (and most of the night) in a beautiful dress, it’s heaven to slip into something roomy and comfortable.