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Flag-Free Fourth of July Outfit Inspirations

The fourth is one of the best summer holidays. Outdoor fun, fireworks that are reminiscent of so many sequins lighting up the sky, food and friends — what's not to get excited about? Well, maybe those cheesy, flag-themed garments, sunglasses, bags, shoes, bathing suits, hats, lawn chairs, etc. One legit American flag swaying in the breeze, holding court over your festivities is enough.

But that begs the question for some: how do you show up to your party referentially appropriate without looking like a boob? It's easy, if you incorporate the type of event (beach party, yacht club, lawn game tourney) into the mood of your look and then add color (you know the ones we mean; red, white and blue). Feel free to be playful if the occasion calls for it with a star-shaped bag or striped flag-like piece. Just be sure to keep it chic.