I’m sure that in the annals of history there must have been another movie so remorselessly marketed and packaged as Spike Jonze’s “Where the Wild Things Are” – but at this precise moment, I can’t quite think of one.  And certainly not one whose flotsam and jetsam has been aimed at something other than the ‘constantly ready to shop’ tween market, namely the jaded, yet moneyed, hipster.  Yet that’s just what the collaboration between Opening Ceremony and Spike Jonze is attempting to do. 


From a $610 replica of the faux fur onesie worn by Max, to slightly less literal dresses, skirts, and coats, and a range of jewelry by New York based jeweler Pamela Love, it’s possible for everyone to go a little “Wild” (for a price).  The pieces, in the main, are lovely (an enticing mix of naïve and cool), but they do raise the question of how wide childhood nostalgia can induce us to open our hearts and checkbooks. 

Whilst Maurice Sendak’s book may be a beloved part of our childhood, are there really that many occasions when we want to dress like one of its characters?  More disturbing even than the idea of coming across a sea of people in faux fur jumpsuits is the thought that, if this range is successful, other filmmakers may attempt to follow suit.