The Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Grooming: Tanning

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We have covered the all-important aspects of shaving, maintenance of skin and teeth, and the styling of the hair.

Now on to tanning.

Never tan in a tanning bed. It will never be worth it to pay for UV damage. Save your money for a trip somewhere sunny and enjoy the outdoors, whenever possible.

Whatever you're doing right now, go ahead and put on some sunscreen (you never know when you'll be invited aboard a boat). Then reapply.


This applies to all skin types. If you simply must look bolder in the next twenty-four hours, and you're willing to hold your breath and keep a secret, spend $20 on a Mystic tan.

Make sure to rub moisturizer on your fingernails, toe nails and the palms of your hands. Keep your regular swimsuit on (for believable tan lines), and unless you have green hair and make candy at the Wonka Factory, make sure your Mystic tan has a bronzer-optional setting that you can turn off.

The Modern Gentleman knows many fitness models who swear by the Mystic on the day before a photo shoot. It works for creating the illusion of starker features, bolder abdominal muscles, sinewy arms, and well-defined hands.

But there is nothing better for the psyche, the mood and the skin than some good old fashioned Vitamin D absorption the natural way. It brings a handsome smile to your face, makes you happy you bought the SPF moisturizer, and glad that you shaved downwards that morning…