Love Me, Love My Cat: The Feline Fan’s Gift Guide

There's one type of person that is probably on the gifting list of lots of folks out there: the Crazy Cat Lady (or CCL, for short.) This girl has a cat and loves it to death, floods Instagram with hundreds of photos of her feline friend, and talks about her cat at parties like it's in attendance. While lots of folks can't say no to a friendly furball face, the CCL is a fanatic—and you love her for it. Luckily for this girl (and the folks getting her and her ilk gifts), cats are still seriously en vogue right now, and e-tailers have plenty of products to prove it. You can go the practical route and give her something that will bring her cat joy (and, by extension, her) or you can give her something that will help her show off her pet passion to the rest of the world. Click through for the picks that will totally modernize the traditional public image of the CCL—and impress your friend to boot!