Retro-Chic Instagram Snaps in New York City

Industry people will tell you that fashion changes all the time, but that’s only a half-truth: most current trends are rooted in the retro. The saying “there’s nothing new under the sun” is more than just a platitude, it’s the reality of nearly all contemporary style. Fashion constantly poses the question: how can you update the classics and make them modern and of-the-moment, rather than dated and passé?

The Fashion Spot went on a city-wide expedition, from 125th Street in Manhattan all the way down to Brooklyn, to find out how New York City women were doing exactly that. We focused on a few spots that have historically been centers of creative life and music in NYC, including The Apollo, The Village Vanguard, and Washington Square Park.

You can see these photos and more on our Instagram account @TheFashionSpotOfficial, but for now — what are you waiting for? Click on!