DIY: Bow Shoe Clips

bow shoe clips

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’ve got a lot of shoes. (Yeah, me and every other girl in the 21st century, right?) From glitter flats, to yellow heels, to American flag Converse All-Stars, my shoe collection is (ashamedly) diverse and plentiful enough to satisfy a young Imelda Marcos. And even though I own too many shoes myself, I still can’t help but drool over the pure art-in-footwear-form that exists in closets like that of Jane Aldridge or even Carrie Bradshaw. To help staunch my shoe envy, I’m always looking for ways to embellish my shoe collection to make it feel like I have new shoes all the time. Below are instructions on how to make bow shoe clips — one of my favorite ways to rejuvenate an old pair of shoes. 

DIY Bow Shoe Clips

You will need: Fabric, single prong alligator clips (you can find these in any jewelry supply or craft store), needle and thread, iron. 

  • Step 1: First you need to cut your fabric into two long rectangles and two skinny little rectangles to create the middle of the bow. 
  • Step 2: Take your larger rectangles and fold the long sides of the fabric towards the middle. Then take the unfolded ends of the rectangle and fold them towards the middle as well. 
  • Step 3: With your needle and thread, stitch down the middle of your folded rectangle like you’re sewing through a folded up fan. 
  • Step 4: Pull the center tight with your thread and wrap the thread around the center of your rectangle,  bringing the middle together. 
  • Step 5: For the middle section, take your tiny rectangle of fabric and iron in edges towards the center. 
  • Step 6: Wrap the tiny strip of fabric around the middle of your bow and stitch it in place. 
  • Step 7: Sew the alligator clip to the back, and you’re done! 

One of the best things about these shoe clips is that you can wear them with heels or flats — they work with both. I’ve found that the bows look best on t-strap heels, but you can really add them to anything. 

Pair the bows with a matching accessory like a scarf or handbag and you’ve got countless new wardrobe possibilities! Happy DIY’ing. 

DIY: Bow Shoe Clips