Guys: What NOT to Get Your Girl for the Holidays

Let’s face it ladies, we’ve all received some pretty terrible gifts over the years (like a power tool set!??!), that’s why this year, we’ve decided to wise up and let the men in our lives know exactly what we don’t want to find under the tree. So boyfriends, husbands, and men in committed relationships everywhere, take it from these lovely ladies, here’s what NOT to get your girl for the holidays. (Unless, of course, you’d like to wind up single!)

Woman receiving bad christmas gift

1. A Stomach Crunch Board

“It’s never a thoughtful gift,” says Lynn W., age 50. “Am I really that in need of stomach crunches? I was pregnant at the time,” she adds. Wow, we think we might have punched him!

2. A Gym Membership

Speaking of stomach crunch boards, never give a woman a gym membership, workout DVDs, or anything that screams, "I think you’re fat," says Melissa A., age 25. “Must I explain why?” Nah Melissa, that much should be obvious. Right, guys?

3.  Clothes You Picked Out

While we appreciate the thought and all, please don’t ever give us clothes you picked out, says Jenna L., age 25. “I have a weird style, and I don’t want to feel like I have to wear something I hate just because he got it for me.” Yeah, we couldn’t agree more.  

4. Stuff For The Kitchen

Any cooking utensils or stuff for the kitchen is totally off limits, says 27-year-old Libby K. “You’re my boyfriend, not my practical Aunt Sally. It sends the wrong message for sure,” she notes.  

5. Lingerie

Why? “Because it’s not a present for me, it's a present for the guy. If I want lingerie, I'll buy it,” says 27-year-old Danielle R. True, and men really have no clue what we want anyway.

6. Something Too Expensive

“I know times are tough, but frankly, someone using Daddy’s money to buy me a Tiffany necklace is not that sentimental,” says Nora H., age 21. Plus, if your girl only got you a small gift for Christmas, she’ll feel really guilty about this one. 

7. …Or Too Cheap

Don’t buy your girl something too cheap, either. If it looks like it fell out of a quarter machine, she probably doesn’t want it. Cute and well thought out homemade gifts are always appreciated though.

And last but not least, we’ll leave you with this thought:

After 20+ years of dating and receiving more unwanted, unneeded, and ugly gifts than I care to remember, I’m at that point in my life where I tell guys exactly what I want. I give them the store, the
brand, the quantity, and the packaging. Some guys can pick up hints, and I let them know I need this or that replenished—my Chanel No. 5 or White
Diamonds is getting low. This way I get something I like and something I need. I do my best to take all the guess work out of it for them.”
– Shannon M., 43