What We Bought: Kate Spade Stripes, a Snarling Givenchy Sweatshirt and More (Forum Shopaholics)

Kate Spade striped dress

Forum members scooped up a few last summer finds and started preparing for colder weather with more transitional items, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Below is a selection of what our forum shopaholics confessed to purchasing in the last week.
Kate Spade striped dressVionnet sandals
A few days ago lola rose “finally found the perfect summer stripe sailor dress” by Kate Spade. Earlier in the week, she decided that the best medicine for her summer cold would be an exciting new purchase. “So I had to treat myself with these Vionnet beauties to feel better even for a second,” she laughed.
GIvenchy sweatshirtIsabel Marant hoodie
Ives927 was elated about the purchase of his new Givenchy sweatshirt. “Finally got my hands on this after missing out on it a billion times! I can relax now and not creep the internet 24/7 anymore,” he wrote.
Label Basher treated herself to some Isabel Marant. “I needed a new hoodie so I thought ‘why not?’ and got this. It’s so warm and snug,” she explained.
Zara sandals
FleurDeLys shared her buys from the ever-popular Zara sale, and among them was this pair of khaki and metallic gold sandals that will see her through the end of the summer and into fall.
Zara pink knit sweaterZara green dress
Leyla called her new bright pink knit sweater from Zara “a MUST for everyone’s wardrobe!” She further explained, “I love color and feel that my color blocking wardrobe will be more prominent this fall than it has been this summer. I tried the sweater over the pistachio colored silk shirt (with pocket) they have and love the contrast!” She’s already got me convinced – I may be heading over to Zara after work today.
Classychic also had luck at Zara this week, where she “scored another dress with the further markdowns.”
APC blouseGap black maxi dress
Lapin de Lune’s new A.P.C. blouse looks like a shirt that can transition well with some clever styling through all seasons.
While a few other forum members are preparing for the upcoming fall/winter, in Australia, Belowen ordered this black maxi dress from the Gap in anticipation of spring and summer.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums