The tFS Back-To-School Backpack Guide

Back-to-school shopping is approximately 10,000 times more fun than actually going back to school.

There are zillions of things on your supply list – notebooks, pens, and the trapper keeper is optional, but you’re going to need something to hold it all.

Whether you call it a “knapsack,” a “backpack,” a “rucksack,” or something else entirely, it’s a necessity. They’re good for the back and just plain convenient.

Luckily for you, we’ve created this handy guide for back-to-schoolers – or those past school age looking to get in on the somehow-hot trend – to find the perfect pack within your budget. Pencils at the ready!:






Cheap Thrills (Under $75):


1. The Bar None Backpack ($60): This faux leather number features a sweet shade of green and cool stitching – what more do you need?
2. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack ($65): The “Jansport of Sweden” is decidedly cooler than its Stateside sibling. The square silhouette is iconic, as are the great colors it’s made in (golden-yellow, brick, rust, forest green).

3. Wildkin Horse Dreams Backpack ($29.99): Leave it to Target to offer up a Miu-Miu-meets-elementary-school, horses-running-wild pack. Oh, and it couldn’t be cheaper – or more rad.
4. Lazy Oaf Space Pack (£35.00): This backpack will be a worthy companion on your journey to a classroom far, far away.
5. Jansport Super G: Color Me ($34.99): This blank-slate backpack should help you learn something – coloring in the lines, anyone? – while not paying attention to boring lectures.

Mid-Priced Wonders ($76 – $199):

1. Dooney & Burke Nylon Backpack ($195): Purveyors of sometimes-it-bags makes a surprisingly restrained, prep-perfect backpack.

2. Grafea Leather Backpack Rucksack in Actor ($190): This pack could probably carry everything you own, and comes in such a lovely shade.

3. Dusen Dusen Pack ($90):
Dusen Dusen champions backpacks with shapes you know in radical, exciting prints (this one is kinda reminiscent of looking up from the bottom of a pool on a bright sunny day).

4. Longchamp Le Pilage Zip-Top Backpack ($118): Every girl on your college campus has a Longchamp handbag – one-up them all with a sleek backpack by the French company.

5. Rugby Canvas & Leather Backpack ($128): This super-simple pack ups the ante by employing pitch-perfect leather details.

Luxe Splurges ($200+)

1. Alexander Wang Sydney Backpack in Velvet ($775): Wang toughness for the serious bookworm still looks super cool.
2. Alexandra Cassaniti Stripe Bagpack ($300): This convertible curiosity has quirky painted-on blue stripes, and inspired a hilarious Urban Outfitters knock-off. It also might be big enough to hold a small toddler.
3. Rachel Comey Classic Backpack ($290): It’s nice that we can use “back-to-school” as a worthy excuse to snap up the bag we’ve been coveting for months now.
4. Jas MB Vintage Rucksack in Black ($525): This quilted leather wonder is a perfect vehicle to take you right onto the ‘90s-trend express superhighway.
5. Master-Piece p01 Back Pack ($405): This bag seems like it shouldn’t work – but those rich colors? They certainly do.