Fashion in Film: When Harry Met Sally

There is no movie that better portrays fall fashion in New York City than famed 80’s romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally.

Not only was the movie’s fashion styling choices remarkably memorable, but so were its characters. From Meg Ryan’s big, baby blue eyes to Billy Crystal’s sense of humor, there is hardly a reason to not be moved by the movie’s plot of undiscovered love in the city.

But back to fashion. Every fall, fashion magazines talk about layering, menswear, and nature-inspired color schemes as trends that keep coming back during this time of the year.

Meg Ryan’s character, Sally, is the perfect example of autumnal dressing. She was hardly fond of skirts, and gravitated towards loosely fitted wool knit pants, tweedy structured blazers, button front blouses, and a wide variety of brown colors.

New Yorkers are known for walking everywhere, and Sally’s choice of shoe was a wide range that included dapper brogues, leather loafers, and sturdy low-heeled boots.  

Her taste in clothing is practical and masculine, but when worn on her long, lean frame and fused with quirky embellishments like a silk bow tie or funny print, her look is effortless, relatable, and totally chic.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s latest fall collection was definitely inspired by the movie, with its palette of tweedy brown hues, masculine blazer and trouser combinations, long strapped leather purses, and boyish bowler hats.

Sally would have been proud.

Release your inner Sally this fall by layering your favorite boy meets girl pieces, and all you’ll need to complete the look is a stroll through a park full of gold autumn leaves.