Jack Blue Studio: Handmade Bags

The fashion savvy are always on the look out for new purveyors of chic accessories.

I came across handbag and leather goods label Jack Blue Studio, and had to tell everyone.

The supple leather handbags and clutches are being snapped up by the Hollywood and Hamptons crowd as we speak.

Fun details and craftsmanship take the forefront here, and designer Nancy Osborne gives tFS the scoop on her wares. 

The Fashion Spot: So you’re recently back from the Hamptons? What were you doing there? 

Nancy Osborne: I had a private trunk show at a customers house, and my friend was doing another show for me there.

tFS: And right after that, you did the Market NYC (Best Emerging Designer market)? How did you get into that? 

NO: When I moved to New York 3 years ago from LA, I was amazed at all the markets that you can sell at on the weekends.  The Market NYC gives me the opportunity to actually meet my customers and sell directly to them, whereas at the tradeshows, I meet my store buyers. the Market NYC is one of the great venue that I found in NY.

tFS: I was reading your bio, and I was like, wow! Madonna has something that you created? And Nick Cave? That’s amazing! What did they buy? 

NO: Madonna has one of my brown satchels that I no longer produce.

Nick Cave has a Red Cross bag and a black leather bag with a red right hand stitched on it. Janeane Garofalo just bought a lavender chain mail bag from me last month. She rocks!

tFS: Are you really friends with shoe designers Patrick Cox and Jimmy Choo? Have you done any collaborations with them? 

NO: No.The woman that wrote my bio was referring to the fact that they went to the same school in London that I did, Cordwainer’s College.  My friend George Esquivel makes handmade shoes in Los Angeles and we have done some work together.

tFS: I was looking at your site, and I was really impressed by the workmanship in everything that you’re doing. There’s an artisanal quality: these are definitely not mass produced. How long does it take you to create a bag? 

NO: I try to not even go there, ha ha!  I try to work on a couple at a time – its much faster.  Some take a day, and others average 5 hours.

tFS: Are you working with any designers or fashion houses for Fashion Week?

NO:  No, I usually just do the trade shows like The Train and ACC Shows or The Buyers of American Craft.

tFS: You’ve been in business for 7 years now. Where do you see yourself on the 10th anniversary of Jack Blue Studio? What is your ultimate goal?  

NO: To be sitting in a better economy, and to find an investor for Jack Blue. By my 10th anniversary, I hope to be sitting in the bigger Jack Blue Factory.  I’m trained in old school techniques, and I like having my own in house production.

tFS: I’m wondering, if you’re Nancy, then who is Jack Blue? 

NO: Most people call me Jack, so I am Jack Blue. I’ve always liked the name Jack, since I was young. I collect toys, and I have two dinosuars, Jack1 and Jack2. I don’t feel like a Nancy Osborne. So when most of my customers buy from the store, they wonder the same thing. Who is Jack Blue? It’s me.

Keep up with Jack Blue at  All photographs courtesy of Nancy Osborne/Jack Blue Studio