Cher from Clueless: 90’s Style Icon


There is probably no better remembered ‘fashion-forward’ movie intro than that of Clueless.

The film opens as Cher Horowitz goes through her computer-organized closet trying to find an outfit before class. Didn’t we all wish we were Cher` at that moment?

Because of this, among other reasons, Cher is one of the most influential style icons of the 1990’s.

Who else made over the knee socks, Mary Jane shoes, and matching plaid separates so attention-worthy?

If it wasn’t for her, our generation’s adolescent youth would never have learned the importance of an Alai dress during a life or death situation, or the multiple meanings of the term “as if!”

Nobody wore upscale prep chic better than Cher with her signature combination of essential blazers and matching skirts, crisp collared shirts, chunky heels, and classic berets.

And she did it all with a subtle sex appeal that we still aim for today. If it wasn’t already known that Cher lived an upscale life in Beverly Hills with her brand new red Jeep (courtesy of her father, the successful lawyer), it wouldn’t be so hard to imagine her lounging at a café on a Parisian street, while contemplating the importance of body language in a relationship.  Even her friend Dionne was outrageously cool in her over-the-top head toppers, and micro mini skirts that made her teachers blush.

Clueless made its debut in 1995, bringing young girls together over feather tipped pens and dreams of shopping on Rodeo Drive after school.

It has already been 15 years since then, but the movie will always have a permanent place in the hearts of fashion-lovers everywhere, as well as in millions of fashion inspiration folders.

Unlike other fleeting trends that distinctly defined the 90’s, such as grungy oversized plaid shirts and high-waisted ‘Mom jeans’, Cher’s style embodied a timeless way of dressing that was undefined by decade.

In a world where trends come and go and experimentation is awfully tempting, Cher stands out with her appreciation of superb quality and impeccable tailoring.

Every detail counted with her fashion choices. Cher didn’t just choose that little white body-conscious Calvin Klein number on her date with Christian because it was the “it” item of the time (even though it kind of was), but because its lines hugged her body in the most flattering and sexy way possible.

 Flash-forward to the year 2010, and you can see the exact same dress gracing the runways like it was the freshest thing on earth.

Trends are always recycling, but Cher’s fashion sense was a rare breed that never goes out of style. She was the teenaged Audrey Hepburn of the 1990’s. Deep down inside all of us exist a little bit of Cher Horowitz, credit card or no credit card.

Check out these Cher-approved pieces that work now, and most will still work far beyond today.


1. Equipment Signature Washed Silk Blouse from – $178.00

Cher was the queen of beautiful draped blouses that are versatile, and stay forever chic.

2. Gathered Skirt from Urban Outfitters – $48.00

Cher would never leave the house without showing some leg in a chic body-conscious skirt.

3. Kimberly Ovitz Dorman Blouse from – $277.20

Nobody can forget that sheer blouse Cher wore when she went shopping on Rodeo Drive. This striped blouse is an updated version of that one.

4. Thayer Little Boy Blazer from – $231.00

Statement making jackets were Cher’s outfit highlights. She would have totally rocked this bright red number.

5. Sheer Over The Knee Socks from Urban Outfitters – $8.00

Nobody made school girl socks sexier than Beverly Hill’s most-loved blonde.

6. Kimchi Blue Patent T-Strap Skimmer from Urban Outfitters – $28.00

Cher’s knee high socks cannot go without a classic pair of Mary Jane’s.