18 Under-$100 Dresses Perfect for Summer Weddings (and More)

There was a time when a couple who met in their hometown, got married in their hometown, and since their families and friends all lived within a 10-mile radius, it was really no cost for the guests to show up at the ceremony and party down afterward at the Lion's Club. But times have changed. A little something called a "destination wedding" has the bride and groom imposing hefty fees to attend the ceremony with plane tickets and hotel expenses, not to mention all the wedding party looks for the rehearsal dinner and the special day.

Even if you're lucky enough to be invited to a wedding nearby, chances are you're still expected to show up in a swanky dress with a swanky gift. Have you seen what dresses cost these days? Anywhere from $150 to $300 for mid-range quality, and we won't even get into the high designer prices. Instead, we'll get into dresses that let you show up looking chic without ruining your budget. We picked out the best dresses we could find, including ones you can actually wear on more than one occasion, all for under $100.