How to Shop Savvy When You’re in a Retail Nightmare

woman shopping


We've all been there. That sales assistant who convinces you an outfit looks good when you're 100% certain it doesn't, that is rude to you for no apparent reason, or the worst retail crime of all, being served with an unexpected total. We've pulled together some tips to make sure you walk out of a store with exactly what you came for, and don't get ripped off, lied to or ignored in the process. Read below to quickly become the savviest, most confident shopper in town that never leaves a store unsatisfied.

When they're rude

Responding with nothing but good, positive and energetic vibes will shock them, and can easily put them in their place. Don't retaliate or stoop to their level when you can't know what kind of day they've had. Who knows, you could even lift their spirits and do your good deed for the day. It sounds much better than getting snarky with someone you don't even know, doesn't it?

When they love a good chat

We're all pretty busy, and as bad as it may sound, we don't always have time for an hour-long chat. Sometimes we just need to get in and get out, and a savvy purchase doesn't need to take you all day. Make it clear from the moment they approach you that you've got somewhere to be after your momentary shopping spree. There's nothing like a time limit to keep you both focused.

When they tell white lies

You don't have to listen to someone who really just needs to reach their daily sales target and just might taint your stylish wardrobe along the way. While an innocent white lie might boost your self esteem, it doesn't help you dress for your body shape or get outfit compliments from friends. Can't tell if they're lying? Test them by trying on an outfit that you think looks horrendous and ask them what they think.

When they're the silent type

If a salesperson is too busy scrolling through their Instagram or checking themself out in the mirror, it can become a real hassle for you to get what you came for. Don't waste any time waiting for them to help you out like they're paid to do, because it could take all day. Walk straight up to the counter and politely let them know what you're after. If they don't look up, a small cough should do the trick.

When they overshare

There's nothing like having a good old gander at the new arrivals rack and hearing staff talk about her ex-fling to a coworker. It wasn't your intention to find a dress for tomorrow night's work function and eavesdrop in the process, but the staff sure are making it hard. We suggest you get out of there and try a different store. We've got enough dramas of our own, without having to take on a strangers' as well. Chances are they're probably not going to help you find what you came for because they're too busy pondering the weekend's events anyway.

When they're clueless

There are always important things you want to know when making a purchase, and if the person on the shop floor can't help you out, it can become a real dealbreaker. You might want to know where something is made or what it is made out of, how old the stock is or where you can get a different size. If they can't tell you, be patient and do your research when you get home. We have online stores with express delivery for many reasons, and this is one.

When they overcharge you

Nothing sucks more than getting to the counter expecting to pay a certain amount, and then getting asked to fork out even more. Always ask for a receipt so you can see a breakdown of costs. If something was labelled at an appealing price and then you got slammed with a bigger amount when it was pay time, don't be too shy to let the staff know. As a retail customer, you have right.

When they just don't get it

When someone suggests pieces that are the opposite to your well-defined style, it's time to become an independent shopper. Politely let the sales person know that you're just having a browse and trust yourself to make the right choices. After all, no one knows you better than yourself.