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Alexander Wang x Uniqlo Will Save Us From Summer’s Heatwave

The temperatures have started to rise these past few days, making layering a thing of the past. And warmer temps aren’t the only good news: Japanese brand Uniqlo is leaving its Heattech technology behind this season in exchange for its breathable fabric AIRism — and designer Alexander Wang is in on this release, too. 

The AIRism collection features light base layers and promises to release heat and moisture to adapt to any weather condition. Wang teased the new offerings on his Instagram with campaign photos and videos that featured men and women in high-waisted underwear and a sports bra.

Alexander Wang x Uniqlo will feature pieces such as midriff long-sleeved tops, camis, biker shorts and leggings. Like most of Uniqlo’s clothes, the Alexander Wang x Uniqlo collection will include sleek options in colors such as black, white, nude and some pastels.

“It was easier coming together this time around to accomplish a similar goal from various touch-points,” Wang said in a statement released by Uniqlo. “Innovation has always been at the forefront of our design and creative process, and functionality serves a huge purpose in the way I and our customers dress. Therefore, through the influence of innovation, technology, and functionality, the special AIRism collection was born.”

Get your credit cards at the ready, because Alexander Wang x Uniqlo will be available online and in stores just in time for spring on April 11.