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The Little Black Dress, is so timeless that has decided to celebrate it with another fashion icon – Barbie.  The collaboration is taking place at “The Barbie Lounge” on the website, where a series of elegantly LBD-attired, customized Barbies are on sale for £30 each.  



At the lounge, customers can accessorize their custom Barbies with a three pack selection of items, at £15 each.  Accessories include the quintessential busy girl out-in-town coffee and laptop, as well as a myriad of shoes including stilettos, pumps, and zipped ankle boots.  The lounge even features details such as the Barbie’s favorite magazines, Chic Chic and Dream House, as well as a gold chain leash for the Barbie who has a puppy to walk.  Of course, for the many fashion-savvy Barbies, there is also the gold crocodile shoulder bag with an exclusive fashion party invitation sticking out of the side pouch.


Customers can also snag some Barbie merchandise for themselves while they are shopping for their dolls.  The Barbie Lounge features a selection of Paul’s Boutique bags with prices ranging from £35 for an embossed gold clutch bag, to £80 for a patterned hold-all.  

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