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Marc Jacobs Is Launching a New Affordable Line in 2019

If you were a fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs, the designer’s lower-priced line that shut down in 2015, you’ll be thrilled to know that a new “democratically priced” label is on the way. The new line gets its name from the designer’s Instagram handle: The Marc Jacobs.

The news and photo were first leaked by WWD yesterday. Jacobs then released a lighthearted statement on his Instagram regarding the leak: “Ugggh. This image from our upcoming THE MARC JACOBS collection was leaked! Consider it a taste of things to come. We shot our fresh new pre-Fall collection (to be launched in May) last week. Poster size prints of a wide variety of twins wearing the collection were mounted in our showroom where the collection is being shown to buyers.” He continued by stating that more visuals and advertisements will come in April 2019, “unless someone leaks them sooner.”

No other details were released regarding the new line. However, based on the photo, we can expect vintage-inspired streetwear with the striped oversized sweaters and colorful baggy corduroys. Perhaps a nod to the grunge look that launched his career?

Of course, this is all just speculation and we can’t wait to see the official Pre-Fall images this spring. In the meantime, see all the looks from the Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 runway below.