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There’s nothing like a man in a Paul Smith look – quirky and original, but tailored and impeccably well styled. Unfortunately, for the most part, the same can’t be said for Paul Smith’s women’s collections, which never hit the high notes that his menswear looks do. 


This season, Paul Smith Women’s collection felt like a bit of a jumbled mix of looks. Things started off well with a nicely fitted – albeit very bright – yellow fitted blazer and matching bustier, a look that was followed by a quirky gray top and cardigan. The designer then turned to some boho, overly colorful looks before going stark and monochromatic. The silhouettes conjured up images of 80’s British country-wear and traditional riding looks (with the tailored blazers cut short in the front and long in the back).


Following this slew of looks, the feel became more modern woman-on-the-go with fitted jackets, bright tailored pants, and little black dresses, before becoming layered and loosely draped for more of a feminine meets grunge feel. The collection then finished off with some British punk-esque high-shine, colorful looks.


Flouncy skirts, florals, and sheer details were thrown into the mix as well, making for possibly one of the least cohesive collections I’ve ever seen.