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With color palettes and fabric choices ranging from shimmering, metallic wool grey and copper boucles to crepe back cream and black satin, Loris Diran evolves the traditional 20’s asymmetrical flapper dress and herringbone cigarette coat and three-piece suits to a 21st Century contemplation on ease of movement and sexual piquancy. Extended collar neck and tapered bottom halves update cable wrap pullover sweaters, while layering chiffon over copper metallic box pleat pants expresses Diran’s modern conceptualization of 1920’s lounging pants. Diran also replaces the traditional, show-closing wedding gown with a cream panne velvet goddess gown that will light up any red carpet event.

By incorporating new fabric technologies and innovative construction, Loris Diran gives the flapper era an updated, modern patina and expands his design aesthetic. And with that, he makes something old suddenly new again.

Photos courtesy of Ernest Green.