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I envy those that live in any of the places where Luxe Leisure will be sold year-round. Luxe Leisure is the new caspule resort line from Banana Republic that just launched with a 40 piece collection that includes bathing suits, bikinis, rompers, and tunics slated for stores in March in places where it is warm year-round (along with a few other select stores). No, I’m not a regular Banana Republic shopper, but having just left New York City where I thought the 40 degree temperatures were bad, for Munich where the highs are currently somewhere in the 20’s, I envy anyone who lives anywhere where the weather is always warm.

While I associate warm weather with brightly colorful and flowy looks, I was rather surprised to find that the images Banana Republic has released of their new collection include a number of darker and patterned looks. I suppose I was expecting looks more in line with something from a retailer like Calypso, but alas, anyone who shops Banana Republic on a regular basis will not be all that surprised with the wears. They are also priced much like the regular Banana Republic line – $29.50 to $110 – and Luxe Leisure will cross with the main line when it’s the traditional summer season.

Banana Republic’s creative director and executive vice president Simon Kneen said that the reason for the line was to capture additional needs of their customer (even though it’s worth noting that the line targets women only, for now). Keenen described the women they are targeting as those who go away for weekends, adding that there is always a need for resort wear.

Luxe Leisure is the third capsule collection for Banana Republic after Heritage and BR Monogram.