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Watch: Kim Kardashian Reenters the Fashion World for LOVE

On the twelfth day of Christmas, our true LOVE gave to us…our first glammed-up Kim Kardashian West sighting in weeks and weeks. Ever since the reality starlet’s traumatizing Paris attack, she’s been on hiatus from the public eye. (Although, prior to her hubby’s hospitalization, Kim was slated to attend the Angel Ball.) For her grand reappearance, Kardashian West seduces in the latest installation of LOVE magazine’s annual advent calendar. Kim — not always there when we call but always #onbrand — is a sexy, majestic, Agent Provocateur lingerie and Coach fur-clad vision.

Kim has not lost her love of self-referencing. The video’s aurora borealis backdrop simultaneously recalls the mobile mogul’s semi-recent Iceland getaway and not-so-recent Bound 2 cameo. Her texture-fueled getup speaks to her known love of temperature-defying outfits. As the scene comes to a close, Kim reaches out to the viewer, then vanishes, replaced by a black screen that calls for “peace on earth.” Will Kim only bless us with her 3D form once world peace is achieved? Does this mean we have to until the end of the Trump presidency for fresh outfit inspiration? We have so many questions.

Watch the full video above.

[ via LOVE ]