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Laverne Cox on Not Having Time for Trends and the Importance of Dressing for Your Body

Laverne Cox at Georgine Spring 2016 at New York Fashion Week

Laverne Cox at Georgine Spring 2016 at New York Fashion Week; Image: WENN

You would be hard pressed to find Laverne Cox looking any less than flawless and the actress was in true form yesterday during Georgine’s Spring 2016 runway show. Clad in a belted ivory dress from the label, Cox sat perched in the front row next to her stylist Christina Pacelli, looking ever the queen she is. Cox has particularly been nailing it in the fashion department this week, showing off her enviable figure at the Idan Cohen show in a body-hugging skirt and crop top by House of CB, with a bedazzled jacket from Cohen slung on her shoulders. She also hit up Desigual in an equally stylish printed dress with an ombré pattern that went from grey to blue to black.

Little did we know at the time, but the outfit Cox was wearing at Georgine was just one of three fabulous looks she donned yesterday as she made stops at the Prabal Gurung and Opening Ceremony shows. But despite being dressed to the nines, Cox doesn’t necessarily consider herself a major follower of what’s hot in fashion. “I don’t really pay attention to trends, I just really think it’s all about dressing for your body and knowing who you are,” she told us. “I don’t follow trends, that’s her job (pointing to Pacelli). I see what’s out there and I’ll see things I’m inspired by, but I’m not like ‘ooh, what’s trending?’ I don’t have time for that.” Certainly not. Right now Cox has a movie in theaters, Grandma starring Lily Tomlin, she’s got the Emmys next week as Orange Is the New Black is nominated, and she’s resuming her college tour. On top of it all, she’s got documentary Free CeCe, about CeCe McDonald, a black trans woman who spent 19 months in a men’s prison for defending herself from a racist and transphobic attack. 

But just because she’s not necessarily a trend hound, there are some select ladies whose style Cox says she admires. “Everybody loves J.Lo, I love how sexy she is and how daring she is,” she said. “I love Beyoncé. [ed note: who doesn’t?] Joan Smalls is a model, so obviously she looks great in everything but I think she has great personal style. I’m really digging on Joan Smalls and Lily Aldridge right now.”

As for Cox, she likes to keep her style as flattering and elegant as possible. “I love to feel chic, sexy, timeless in some way. I think it’s important to dress for your body. I’m all about that and I have a philosophy, FFPS, and it’s fit, fabric, proportion and silhouette. But mostly it’s about dressing for my body, but sometimes we get bored and I like to try new things.”