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September Issues: All the Covers We Loved and Hated

There’s a reason R.J. Cutler opted to make his Vogue documentary about the September issue; it’s considered to be the most important month for fashion and lifestyle magazines. The ad pages, cover stars and press garnered are all heavily scrutinized to assess the overall health of the magazine and of the industry as a whole. It’s in September that magazines tend to have the most pages (mostly advertisements) and sell the most copies as we transition from the spring/summer season into fall.

This year, the September issues may not be diverse when it comes to race — though Beyoncé did take the coveted September Vogue spot — but they were diverse in terms of the celebrity/model breakdown. Better yet, the celebrities featured weren’t exclusively of the Kardashian kind. Christina Tosi and Delphine Arnault were among the unexpected cover stars and while supermodels like Natasha Poly and Karlie Kloss took multiple covers, there were more under-the-radar models featured as well.

Fashion-wise, Prada, especially the brand’s heavily embellished dresses, and Gucci’s bell blouses and peasant dresses were heavily pushed. Unfortunately, the aforementioned looks aren’t easy to pull off. As for beauty, the wet hair look is still going strong and the upcoming presidential election seems to have influenced some covers to go a more conservative and all-American route.

Here’s a look at all the September covers you can’t miss.