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‘The Good Wife’ Costume Designer and Andrea Cecile Cohen of Number 35 on Their New Collab, 35·DL

There’s a lesson or two that can be learned from power dressing simply by watching the hit show The Good Wife, so if you’ve spent many an evening drooling over the cast’s enviable wardrobes, you’ll love to hear that the show’s costume designer has teamed up with British brand number 35 to launch a new collection.

While curating the cast’s wardrobes, Dan Lawson often turned to Brit brand number 35, which specialises in creating elegant yet stylish outfits for the professional woman. At the same time, both he and the brand’s founder, Andrea Cecile Cohen, agreed that the market’s current offerings were very limited in this sector, and so came the idea for the 35·DL collection.

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Image: 35·DL

Retailing in the U.S., the designers have combined number 35’s strong silhouettes and sharp tailoring with Dan’s famed feminine shapes and elegant appeal. It spans across all vital office separates and features 18 styles, with price points ranging from around $750 upwards. Check out the collection for yourself by clicking here.

We seized the opportunity to ask the co-designers a few questions about the collaboration.

theFashionSpot: Who would you describe as the ideal customer for your 35·DL collaboration?

Andrea Cecile Cohen: The ideal 35·DL customer is a professional woman who needs a strong wardrobe that can take her from day to evening, and makes her feel empowered. She loves subtle but sexy clothes, and wants to make a subtle statement with what she wears.

tFS: What was the biggest challenge you faced creating the range?

Dan Lawson: I would say that my biggest challenge in creating the first collection for 35·DL was getting used to my long distance relationship with Andrea, my fabulous, amazing partner at number 35. She was in London and I was in New York. We used to Skype practically every day and we were even able to do fittings via Skype. It was also challenging for me to learn the designer/merchant side of the clothing business, which, of course, I am still learning. As a costume designer, I shop all the time, but the other end of the business was a mystery to me.  

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Image: 35·DL

tFS: Which are your favourite key pieces from the collection?

DL: I really love our first collection — it’s like one’s first born! But there are a couple of standouts for me. I love the Lily jacket. I think it is such a stunning shape, and on a more personal level, my daughter Lily and I worked on this piece together. So, every time I see it, I think of her. I also love the leather-trimmed, zip-front jacket, as I think it works with so many body shapes and it is perfect for the boardroom and the courtroom.  

ACC: For me, it’s the zip-front dress with the leather trim jacket because it does the job it was designed to do. Chic, sexy, understated and very powerful!

tFS: If you could only choose one, which wardrobe staple should every professional woman own?

DL: A perfect black pencil skirt. If one is a little more pear-shaped in the hips, then the perfect black A-line skirt. The perfect black skirt that fits well will be the hardest-working piece of clothing in a woman’s closet.

tFS: If you could dress any British person who would it be and why?

DL: Well, please don’t roll your eyes, but I would have to say Kate Middleton! I think she is amazing with her own unique and incredibly chic style that’s both modern and elegant. She is a style influence for me on The Good Wife.

ACC: For me, it has to be the Home Secretary Theresa May because she’s very bright and has a quirky style.

tFS: Which British celebrity do you believe has the best style and why?

DL: Certainly Kate Middleton. I would also say Victoria Beckham. She’s stunning, she’s unique and she sets her own style, but doesn’t seem to be a slave to what she thinks the idea of herself is. She takes classic shapes and silhouettes and modernizes them whilst maintaining the integrity of the original. She’s modern and elegant, yet smart and fun.

ACC: Most celebrities’ styles come straight from their stylists, so I don’t see any real individual style coming through. I believe that the one who has great style is Paloma Faith, who is just what she says is. 

tFS: Collaboration aside, what’s next in the pipeline for you?

DL: I am continuing to design costumes for CBS’ The Good Wife as well as collaborating on a jewellery line that will launch in September.

ACC: And 35·DL will be launching its autumn/winter collection in September!