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If, like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, you believe that an individual shouldn’t be limited to one birthday but should instead enjoy the 364 unbirthdays available annually, you should probably consider continuing the same line of thought when it comes to Christmas.  The 364 un-Christmases would then become an opportunity to gift yourself with all the presents that you failed to receive on the actual day.

Of course, with the plethora of discounts currently on offer, we are in a peak un-Christmas period.  Didn’t receive the handbag that was on the top of your festive wish list (thrice underlined and highlighted in yellow…are those people blind)?  Not a problem, it’s currently 40% off with free shipping.

Suddenly, your conspicuous consumerism is no longer an issue.  You don’t have a “shopping problem”; you’re celebrating a national holiday.  And if naysayers and Scrooges try to suggest that all that un-Christmas may be too much of a good thing, just ask them what they think Santa is doing for the rest of the year.  After all, the snowy tundra of the North Pole can be a little dull, so it’s only natural that old Saint Nick would go online for a little retail therapy in his spare time.