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In general, people are generally either strongly for or against the idea of New Year’s Resolutions.  The pro side argues that, with their goals firmly in place, they feel invigorated for the upcoming year; while those on the con side contend that the lofty aspirations usually featured on such lists are merely setting the resolver up for failure, and are nature’s way of pulling the chair out from under them as they’re about to sit down.

I, as you might have guessed by now, have an anti-resolution stance.  I realize my limitations and know that the dark days of January or, if I’m very lucky, February, will not be made any brighter by my failure to go to the gym every day, or to learn Portuguese in five easy steps.  The best that I might manage are some more generalized, fashion-related resolutions.  This year I’m considering “I will not fall prey to every passing fad, regardless of whether it suits me or not” and “I will consider how many of {insert prospective purchase here} I currently own before buying another one”.  While they may not be groundbreaking they are practical and, if I’m lucky, I may still be attempting to stand by them next December.