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I haven’t bought or worn anything from Diesel since the company reached, at least in my opinion, their peak in fashion-forwardness about 10 years ago. That said, I have to admit that I was intrigued by the recent launch of their blacklight jeans (I have yet to see them in action, though).

Diesel must have gotten the feeling that they were in need of some freshening up, because come the spring season, Diesel will be hitting 50 Macy’s stores after a four year absence. Further, according to chairmen Renzo Rosso, a new creative director and CEO could be selected as soon as in the next few weeks. 

Former Diesel CEO Steve Birkhold left less than a month ago for Devanlay, the licensee for Lacoste apparel, and the German brand will be making their debut at the international trade show Bread & Butter in Berlin in January, where they plan on unveiling a shop-in-shop concept planned to roll out globally next year. 

At Macy’s Diesel will be sold alongside Armani Jeans, True Religion, Hugo Boss, and Seven (I was actually surprised to find so many high-end labels available at Macy’s after a recent trip).

Personal thoughts about Diesel aside, it is rather impressive that despite the recession, the company has managed to grow almost 2 percent in the U.S. this year with double gains expected for 2010.