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For a while now the fashion press has been heralding the return of the loafer. A manifesto that, as a flat shoe wearer, I could firmly get behind. Of course, when they published the articles I think magazines were thinking more of the ‘Alexa Chung slightly dorky librarian’ vibe and less of the ‘Tescos was having a sale on cottage loaves’ variety.

Yet there you go, twin brothers Remigijus and Egidijus Praspaliauskas obviously heard the word and realized what to do with the uneaten crusts in their bread bin. Whereas most of us would simply make a bread pudding or contribute to the obesity of the local duck population they thought footwear (I like to imagine a sort of Archimedes in the bath process…one second you’re shoveling jam onto it…the next there are cries of "Eureka!" and you’re sticking your foot into a baguette).

Though there’s only one slipper-like style the food-wear comes in white, black, classic, and golden and (to quote the website which is selling them for €22 a pair) "feels good in dry climate". As ideas go (much as I hate to be the one to say it) this one just about takes the crust.

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