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For Spring 2010, Singapore-born designer Ashley Isham presented an opulent collection of gowns inspired by the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire. Embellishment factored into most of the standout looks, which included crepe jersey and georgette gowns in jewel-toned hues with indulgent names like "absinthe green" and "champagne gold".

Beaded embroidery christened shoulders and necklines of Isham’s defiantly vibrant dresses, while pearl-encrusted overlays ornamented others. Throughout the showy presentation, I couldn’t help but detect a vaguely matrimonial undercurrent to the looks, leading me to conclude that, as escapist as Isham’s appeal is in These Economic Times, she has a built-in clientele: career bridesmaids.


For every woman who finds Isham’s glitzy appeal a bit much, there are probably hundreds of Arabian princesses (and those who wish to emulate them) who will be rushing to purchase these frocks to wear to their next wedding – anyone’s but their own, of course.

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