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Little pleather, peplum jackets paired with organza printed, circle skirts and bikini tops still managed to look appropriate for a lady.

Silhouettes focused mostly on the torso, using extreme structure on the bodice paired with a voluminous , flouncy, short skirts.  The combination of strict tailoring and bubbly sweetness with strong geometric and tropical prints was a nice juxtaposition of the two making the line appropriate for a variety of markets.

A shiny, black, structured jacket and flouncy mini skirt was the highlighted silhouette of the collection.

The pairing of prints in opposing colors complimented each other effortlessly.

Although the collection may have not been for everyone, it’s definitely a great start to a Spring 2010 fashion week, and sure to bring in some uplifting, designer surprises.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.