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The rumors were true! The partner of the late John Lennon, Yoko Ono, is indeed teaming up with the Threeasfour trio – Gabi, Adi and Ange – for a spring collection called Iconoclastic. Inspired by Ono, the collection translates some of the artist-musician-performer’s rarely seen dot illustrations into prints seen on a variety of pieces.


In a telephone interview with WWD, Ono said that she was always interested in expressing art through clothes (I sometimes wonder why it is that every time one of these seemingly random collaborations take place those involved inevitably say it was something they’ve "always" wanted to do). Ono added that she thinks “there is an incredible connection. It’s almost like sculpture, but you can wear them."

As to how the collaboration came about, Ono revealed that she met the design team at a concert in her loft and that they struck her as “interesting designers.” For their part, the Threeasfour designers said – “Yoko was always and is our hero and muse. We admire her work and music, and once we went to her studio and saw all these beautiful black and white drawings, we thought we should do something together.”

The collaboration will be somewhat of a contemporary venture, as the price points will be significantly gentler than what the Threeasfour customer is used to. Prices for Iconoclastic will range from $111 to $888 (versus the typical four figure price tag).  

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.